The lights lit up the night in Ibaraki

Ibaraki in the winter will welcome visitors by the glistening and brilliant lights by decorative lights, lights lit at night.


This is the journey to accompany the stars to walk in a wonderful, quiet night space. Tsukuba Mountain is so beautiful that the ancients compare: “In the west there is Mount Fuji, in the east is Tsukuba Mountain”. From here you can see the night view of the Kanto plains including Tokyo, you can also see the light of Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Sky Tree. In Mount Tsukuba you will be completely satisfied with the scenery of twinkling stars in the sky mixed with glittering lights on the ground, do you want to try such a wonderful moment?
Program overview:
From mid-September to the end of February. Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 17:00 ~ 20:00
Adult 1,000 yen. Free for children under 12 years old.


Is the magic combination of sound and light that the fairy fairy uses magic to create. The dynamic light show surprised you with the world of one-way light expansion, with melody and dynamic effects. The light of a million light globes adorn the village in winter.
Program overview:
From mid-November to mid-January, the second period is closed from 17:00 ~ 21:00
Adults 700 yen, children 250 yen


A mysterious space created by nature and light. Fukuroda Falls is one of the three famous Japanese waterfalls that freeze due to the cold weather from December to February. Waterfalls freeze completely every 5 years, but even if they do not freeze completely, the scene is makes visitors admiring forever. It is when outside the waterfall freezes, but inside the waterfall is still very beautiful, it is worth to admire. There is a tunnel leading to the waterfall, called the “light tunnel”, where you can see nature, the thousand-star sky and the whole country in the town of Daigo.
From November 1 (Thursday) to January 31 (Thursday)
From sundown ~ 19:00
Adults 300 yen, young children 150 yen


At Kasumigaura park in Ibaraki prefecture, you can enjoy a light party with a Dutch style windmill, which is proud to be one of the largest buildings in Japan. With the highlight of light in Dutch style windmill with a height of 25m and a wing diameter of up to 20m, the theme for light is a local Tsuchiura resource such as “cherry blossoms”, “Tsuchiura fireworks. “,” Kaigaura “or” sailing boat “,” lotus field “, creates magical colors for the whole hall.
Program overview:
From mid-November to mid-February. From 5 pm to 9 pm.


The central business building reminds us of the image of the American west coast, where there are more than 150 booths with famous brands at home and abroad. You can enjoy shopping at extremely attractive prices every day.

Ami Premium Outlets trade center is also very nice lighting arrangement! The light was decorated as if the curtains were white and gleaming brakes covered the commercial center. The crystals are decorated on the fountain and on the trees reflecting light to create an extremely magnificent space. In addition, there are also photography spots with heart-shaped dome, etc. all of which will make you enjoy and watch.

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