Live slowly with the lovely ‘princess’ Bled

Most visitors who once visited the tourist town of Bled (Slovenia) feel themselves very lucky. And we are no exception.

55 km northwest of the capital of Slovenia Ljujiana, along the freeway highways towards the poetic Alps, the old town of Bled welcomes us with an extremely poetic and poetic landscape. The beautiful town with the same name lake in the center appears like a gentle, lovely princess lying in the arms of the Alps. The late sunshine of the early evening seemed to be more and more exalted in the beauty of the fairy. Perhaps the complaints are not enough to describe the generosity of the nature mother gave to this place.

Bled is a natural freshwater lake originating from an ice lake in the ice age created by the rise and fall of the earth’s crust. With the local nature, the water in Lake Bled has a clear blue color like special jade. We took a closer approach to Lake Bled by going on a wooden wooden boat to the small island where the church and the bell tower were more than 600 years old. Sitting on the boat, taking a deep breath into my chest and trying to record by myself the beautiful and peaceful scenery here because we have the feeling that only our own eyes are the perfect camera. Moving away from the eye is a medieval castle climbing on a cliff on a backdrop of snow-capped mountains in the clouds nearing the green color of plants, mansions and paddles in the water surface. into an idyllic watercolor painting that is exceptionally beautiful. So after that difficult moment, we set foot on the island and continued to conquer 99 ancient stone steps to reach the foot of the church bell tower.

The church on Bled Island with a 55m high bell tower is the iconic image of the whole town that was first built with Baroque architecture, while the main church was built in Roman style (Pre-Romanesque). from the 9th century to the 15th century was rebuilt by the Bishop of Ljubljana in Gothic style, the most popular architecture of the time. Perhaps also by witnessing and going through many periods of ups and downs of many dynasties and the different historical period of Europe in general and the Old Yugoslavia is Slovenia in particular but the Bled island church with the natural scenery dreaming has created such legendary fairy beauty.

The most ideal view of Lake Bled is probably 16 hours when the sun shines (in summer). Ignoring any moment is a pity. And visitors from all over the place flock to this place so that they increase year-round but the largest is from the late spring (May) to the fall (October) every year. If you choose Bled as the destination of this summer, in addition to going on a single boat to the island, you can also ride a horse around the lake, or simply walk and cherish “catch” every moment of wonder. here.

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