Listen to Greek mythology

As one of the countries with brilliant civilizations in ancient times, Greece is associated with myths. The charming scenery, many unique architectural works are what make visitors curious about this land of “myth”.


Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world, is the capital and also the largest city of Greece. Coming to Athens means you can’t skip the historic Acropolis, discover temples, especially the famous old temple worshiping Zeus.

Under Roman times, this is considered the largest temple of Greece to show homage to the god of power, the supreme power of the Olympus gods. The temple is 96m long and about 17m high, including 104 marble pillars that many people call the “Pillars of Zeus”. Although it is only a ruin, but the 15 pillars of intact remains standing in the sky are enough to enthrall you to admire the beauty of this sophisticated architecture.

Arch of Hadrian, also known as the Roman Triumphal Arch, is about 10 meters high and undergoes a “war” without time. Although he no longer retains his original form, Hadrian’s archway is still historically valuable as a tribute to and honor of the Roman emperor Hadrian for his contributions to the city of Athens.


Acropolis ancient citadel or Acropolis temple complex is the best place to recreate the golden age of ancient Greek civilization, built in Doric architectural style with many typical works such as: Athena Nike temple, temple Parthenon, Propylaea gate, Erechtheion temple …

The Athena Nike Temple, though quite small, is one of the important temples because it worshiped the god of strength and victory – Athena. Built entirely of marble, the front and back sides of the temple have four tall, tall Ionic pillars supporting the dome. The temple is located in a very beautiful, unsteady position in the middle of the rock, where you can easily see the image of Athens just as the goddess Athena wanted to see the people of the land she was protecting.

And it is impossible not to mention the achievements of Greek architecture – the Parthenon temple. The building is built with Doric column structure and Peripteral style with 46 large columns, the main face consists of 8 columns, 17 side sides. Each column has a diameter of 1.9m and an average height of 10.4m. The whole column system is built of white marble. The temple’s intricate carvings like telling us about the birth of Athena, the dispute between Athena and Posiedon for Athens protection … Although not the largest temple, but the Parthenon statue symbolizing the artistic climax of the “mythical” Greek architecture.


As the Aegean Sea pearl, Santorini has a unique architecture with two-tone white and green, always a dream destination for many visitors. The two colors seem to be monotonous and harmonious to infinity. The sky is clear and blue, the houses close together cling to the mountain, overlooking the soft blue beach.

If the morning scene is not cloudy, the sky is as soft as a welcome song for the new day, at the end of the day, when the sun is falling, Santorini is like a work of art. Oia village is dubbed the most beautiful sunset view in the world.

In addition to Santorini’s distinctive white and blue colors, a bit of young, pink and beige tiles make Oia extremely elegant. Dimensional color covers the beautiful roof, spreads down walls with confetti wrapped around and runs across the sea. The whole sky is only orange, the vast space, the serenity makes people flutter forever and then bring that beautiful picture into love, nostalgia for a “mythical” Greek.

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