Journey back to time in Split ancient city

“… Every step I put on the pebble here, I imagined myself to be a thriving image here during the period of formation and development over 700 years ago with the royal space, wealth and character. royal, massive here …, this very place – in the palace of the ancient emperor Diocletian, was the main road leading to every corner of the stronghold, the artery of all busy trade and bearing in my epic colors difficult to describe … ”

Croatia – The untouched jewel – is truly a desirable destination on the old European continent. Croatia is beautiful throughout the four seasons, not only glistening with the inviting green beaches, medieval cities that show off their fairy colors, shimmering in the sunshine of the enchanted forests that will be truly peaceful and nostalgic. , giving you the feeling of wanting to conquer without end. Along the Adriatic shore (a branch of the Mediterranean Sea), I was lost in the fairy world of the ancient holy dynasties where only the sun, wind and legendary stories sparkled.

True to the pride of the people here and of Croatia, Split as the jewel on the shores of the charming Mediterranean and special. The first time I arrived here as I had the same pleasure was because Split had something peaceful and quiet but mighty – just like strong walls still stand before time but still have the excitement and magnificence of the hospitable and enthusiastic coastal residents.

Located next to Split harbor, with a promenade called Riva along the southern facade, Diocletian Palace is the center of the city – one of the most impressive Roman ruins on the planet – is extremely solid. when wrapped in a square wall frame from huge square stones. Initially, it only served the purpose of being a Roman military fortress for ten years. But then the Emperor Diocletian planned to become his own palace. Because of its origins in a Roman emperor, the architecture here bears many Roman beauties, the main square and the old streets in the palace with tall, white stone columns – which are believed to be transported from Hy Gone through the sea here and design the steps from massive monolithic stone, beautifully created the main square like a small valley … Each step placed on the foundation of pebbles here, I again pictured myself the image of the prosperity here in the period of formation and development over 700 years ago with royal space, wealth, splendor, massive here …, this place – in the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian Once upon a time, the main road leading to every corner of the stronghold, is the lifeline of every tradition crowded and carried in the epic colors difficult to describe.

The palace city is full of components of a miniature city serving the emperor and royal members such as churches and steeples, the main palace, the residence, the royal garden for princesses and streets. trading for residents, houses and forts. The most amazing part of the palace is that it is still “alive” to this day. Following the cobblestone path, leading you to numerous alleyways, where there are small shop-houses, cafes, restaurants, rental apartments (soba) arranged adjacent, neatly, Visitors can easily be fascinated by the lovely items or attractive by the characteristic aroma of Croatian coffee from the shops along the way, all in the present, but it takes place right here so still making visitors feel like traveling time back to medieval times.


Walking around the ancient citadel of Split, it will be an omission that you may regret until later if you do not sit down on the small alley and sip a cup of hot or iced coffee, feel the flavor of coffee mixed with The sea breeze and the epic “taste” in each coffee drink. Strong and delicious Croatian coffee, with Italian style and a bit of Balkan country. Having a cup of coffee while chatting with friends seems to be the Split’s daily culture.

Another way to be more memorable when traveling here is to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine featuring local taste. With the most typical ingredients of a Mediterranean meal including fresh fish, green vegetables and olive oil and Rožata dessert – a heritage dish with ingredients including egg cakes with caramel and yellow lemon sauce. Sitting under the shadow though under noon, light yellow sunshine, making a distant gaze towards the luxurious yachts landing at the busiest, watching the passing of people with many joyful smiles. That’s just enough for a day in the world’s most glamorous heavenly sea.

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