‘Finding’ the spring in the southern hemisphere in the middle of the autumn day

When many countries around the world are preparing to welcome a gentle, romantic fall, around September to November is the spring with brilliant purple phoenix flowers in South Africa or Australia. If you’ve ever fallen in love with the autumn stain in red leaf color, you’ll surely be ecstatic with the gentle purple light of phoenix flowers. Spring beauty in the Southern Hemisphere not only stops at the beautiful, lyrical scenery but also brings many interesting experiences you have to mark once in your life.


Referring to the purple phoenix flowers can not fail to mention the city of Pretoria, which is dubbed the “capital of purple phoenix flowers” of South Africa. Come here, you will be overwhelmed by the colorful and colorful scene under the warm spring sunshine. Purple Phoenix covered the door frame, stretching across every corner. Along the charming purple streets, the city becomes more romantic and beautiful.

Leaving the peaceful Pretoria, the next destination is the city of Cape Town – a beautiful “green jewel” with beautiful, vast nature. Here, you can experience and explore the fascinating animal world. The first is Ostrich Ranch ostrich farm with many species such as white ostrich, black ostrich, ostrich South American … At the farm, you can buy many products made from extremely ostrich skin Enjoy and enjoy the delicious dishes made from ostrich meat that are sure that its flavor will conquer the most fastidious diners.
Coming to Cape Town, you can’t help but come to Nui Ban to admire the panoramic view of the mountains and the city. From the cable car overlooking the blue sea bay embracing the vertical cliff, the mountain shaped flat table surface appears under the extremely beautiful white clouds. The majestic natural picture created from heaven and earth, blue sea and colorful mountains and beautiful colors of beautiful flowers and leaves to superhuman, make everyone admire.

South Africa is also famous for many wild nature reserves, one of which is the vast Pilanesberg National Park. Unlike other protected areas, Pilanesberg is the result of human hands and minds to create an extremely diverse and majestic ecosystem that brings you moments of close proximity to nature, with all animals Wild animals live here.


The journey of “searching” for the Southern Hemisphere’s spring season would be a waste if you missed beautiful Australia. Spring here is greeted with the season of beautiful swirling purple phoenix flowers. Is a typical flower of the land of kangaroo, in the season of blooming flowers, go to any place, there is a romantic and romantic purple. The phoenix trees are big, radiate the ball to bloom with each big bunch of flowers dyed on both sides of the road, weaving each corner, the space is only a lovely purple color that blends with the cool and peaceful spring sky. Purple adorns, brightens the spring sky, nothing more beautiful when Sydney Opera House stands out on the background of purple flowers. The poetic purple pho kept enthralling tourists, making people keep forever remembering the image of the colors of gentle and fresh spring flowers.

To Australia, you should not miss the picturesque scene at Jervis Bay, where there are fine white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters. The space of wonderful harmony between white clouds, golden sand, blue sea helps you dispel any sadness, hustle and bustle of life, or take a dip to enjoy Peninsula hot springs. With mineral waters filled with mineral water flowing through 20 swimming pools and beautiful natural scenery not only help you have a pleasant time but also enjoy the passionate and charming earthy atmosphere of the Peninsula.

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