Enjoy farm produce and foie gras at Hungary’s oldest market

If the traditional market is considered the soul, the beat of indigenous people’s life, Central Market Hall (Hungary) is such a place.

Located in the center of the ancient town of Pest, the famous Liberty Bridge is about 10 minutes walk, enjoying the beautiful and poetic scenery on the banks of the Danube, the central market of Budapest makes our members surprised. When it appeared with an elegant, old-fashioned look like a Christian church with a characteristic architecture.

Central Market Budapest is Hungary’s oldest and largest indoor market in general and Budapest in particular, where it focuses on retail stalls of Hungarian agricultural products and food for the entire city population. This is also one of the most famous tourist attractions of the Hungarian capital. With 3 main floors covered by steel structure, it is the steel structure of Central Market Hall that reminds you of the French Eiffel Tower because it is also designed by talented architect Gustave Eiffel. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, daily food is sold at stalls, visiting the tourist market is also governed by an agricultural specialty where it is a spicy red pepper Paprika. Paprika peppers are one of the three most important and basic ingredients in Hungarian cuisine. We talked to a local salesman and learned that Paprika peppers are indispensable in their main dishes, such as carp soup or beef soup, all need Paprika chili to flavor and aid digestion. The hot and warm spicy taste of chili is believed to help the food more delicious and warm the body in a cold climate like in Hung. Visitors with spicy tastes can find many products from Paprika peppers to buy as gifts such as sour sour Paprika paprika, spicy Paprika paprika and non-spicy Paprica paprika …

And to the market, visitors can not help but miss and buy goose liver – The national dish of national spirit of not only Hungary but of European countries in general. Especially in Hungary, Goose liver is not only famous for its delicious, rare and also attractive and delicious processing ways.
Goose liver is the pride of French cuisine but few know that Hungary is the main source of foie gras for both Europe and export to places, up to 80% foie gras on the market originating from Hungary. With the strict process of raising geese in the farm, geese will be fed and fattened for 2 weeks in the third month so that the liver can produce fat. Goose liver is prepared and marinated neatly, fried and served with bread, adding some wine is round, giving visitors an unforgettable impression.

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