Enjoy a Yolo summer in Honolulu

The city of Honolulu has been seen as an interesting destination in the world for many years, with a high number of visitors each year. Being the most populous city in Hawaii, Honolulu has a lot of interesting things waiting for us to explore right in this Yolo summer.

Honolulu Island is the capital of Hawaii, USA, located in the southernmost territory. It is famous for the historic attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941. After this battle Honolulu was also recognized as a historical site and attracted visitors from all four directions to visit.

Honolulu’s tropical waters are warm throughout the year. This is also the place where nature, culture and many sports and shopping activities converge. The central area is home to a large concentration of people, with many commercial activities and beautiful and romantic waters. In addition, Honolulu is also favored to be dubbed the “paradise” surfing by interesting features of this unique sport in the summer days of Yolo.


Although it sounds scary, Diamond Head is actually a long-standing volcano and has become an attractive destination for curious travelers. The shape of the crater looks like a giant tuna fin as high as 232m. Dubbed the “hat made from volcanic ash rock”, Diamond Head is located in the famous Waikiki beach, which attracts tourists more because of the beautiful scenery around.

When climbing to the rim of the crater, you can see the spectacular view of Honolulu. It is an unspoiled beauty, captivating the arc of the green, sloping mountain ridge surrounded, striking by the horizon. Walking on the unpaved road, above the lava layer of the crater, visitors will be led to tunnels, stairs and observation platforms to see delight, enjoy the cool breeze blowing from the sea. to enter. Besides, if you come here in the winter, remember to take pictures of humpback whales that often break out of the water or the sea lighthouse.


Yolo summer will not be complete if you ignore the activities on the sea. Dubbed the world’s most beautiful beach in the long run, Waikiki attracts millions of visitors to the resort every year. The beauty of this place is considered gentle and can dispel any frustration, fatigue in the soul of each person when they are leisurely strolling, relaxing on the golden sand or jumping into the water to swim sate.

The sea here clearly reflects the image of green coconut trees lying close to the fine sand. With many cultural and outdoor sports activities taking place all day, you don’t have to worry about nothing to experience at Waikiki beach. Take a boat, ride a water bike, surf, snorkel and explore the ocean … are some forms of entertainment that tourists appreciate the most.


Iolani Royal Palace was built in 1879 and is a place of reigning feudal Hawaiian island nation, including the famous queen Liliuokalani. Today, this place has become an important historical monument that keeps all the spiritual values ​​and artifacts of Hawaii’s past. In particular, Iolani is also the only royal palace in the United States, bearing the European architectural style despite being built in the Pacific Island.

The palace displays seven finely carved crowns, with diamonds, pearls, cat-eye jewels, emeralds and precious rubies on top. In addition, the piano placed in the small room also intrigues visitors, because this is a new object and few people think it appeared at that time.


To Honolulu, you will definitely not be able to skip shopping. In the city there are many commercial centers as well as shops with different prices for travelers to choose from. However, the 3 centers below are the most famous shopping locations.

  • Center Ala Moana: Ala Moana is the largest commercial point of the island of Hawaii in general and Honolulu in particular, with nearly 300 stores in which the number of dining outlets accounted for 80. Four major department stores are famous in this area is Sears, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Macy’s.
  • Hilton Hawaiian Village: This is the region’s leading retail center, with more than 90 shops and shops, many restaurants and restaurants. Here we can find elegant gifts of Asian style or any other continent, at the most affordable price.
  • DFS Galleria Waikiki: This fashion store is a place to satisfy every visitor’s dream of shopping, but is also exempt from tax located in the heart of Waikiki. In addition to apparel, we can find cosmetics and many impressive souvenirs at DFS Galleria Waikiki.

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