Brilliant colors of South America

Not only fascinated by the world’s top football, the remote South American lands also fascinate visitors with a wealth of interesting things from natural scenery, unique civilization to passionate dances. Here are the “not to be missed” experiences when you come to this beautiful land.


As one of the two largest parks in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Flamengo Park owns beautiful gardens, public tennis courts, football fields, basketball courts, outdoor cinemas … These are not far away. is a world heritage site – Mount Sugar Loaf is nearly 400m high, located right at Guanabara Bay overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The most ideal way to explore this sweet “Sugar” is to sit on a cable car that has been in operation since 1912 for a panoramic view of the city of Rio, the Statue of Gods – Christ the Redeemer, the Niteroi Bridge, Guanabara Bay and the beach Dreamy Copacabana sea … There are many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, benches for you to rest and watch the sunset at the top of the mountain.


To feel the ancient beauty, the heritage city of Cusco (Peru) is a great destination for you. The 15th and 16th centuries were the golden age of the Inca empire when the kingdom stretched from Ecuador to Chile and Cusco was the capital. The city center is the temple of the Sun – the site of the sun worship rituals in the summer. In Cusco, there is an equally famous monument of the Sacsay Huaman fortress built in the 9th century, consisting of huge blocks of stone up to 5 meters high and weighing up to 360 tons. Although the fortress is now only a ruin, it is a powerful testament to the power of the Inca empire in the past.


World heritage Machu Picchu (Peru) was forgotten for hundreds of years until it was discovered by archaeologist Hiram Bingham in 1911. Nobody set foot in the legendary mountain of Peru without being attracted by the scenery. here. The “heart” of Machu Picchu is the Sun Gate – where the sun rises through the mountains of Machu Picchu and shines through the window of Temple of The Sun temple. Once stand here, to unleash the view of the majestic Putukusi; stone temples follow each other and even towering “terraced fields” of stone.


Iguazu Falls – a world heritage site where you should come once in a lifetime to experience the greatness of mother nature. It consists of 275 large and small falls with a height of 64 – 82m, worthy of being the most spectacular waterfall in South America. Although two-thirds of the falls fall in Argentina, the most spectacular view of the Devil’s Throat is on the banks of Brazil. From an iron bridge across the river 600m long, you can take in the view of the entire untouched subtropical forest, the water flow from the Iguazu River poured into the abyss, creating a white water foam and sparkling rainbow . If you want to take a close-up look, go sightseeing at the foot of the waterfall by motorboat; If you want to see the whole scene, the helicopter is a great suggestion.


Coming to South America but not yet enjoying the Samba dance, Tango is not complete. Samba is not just a dance to show off the beauty of the body, but the true meaning of the brilliant costumes, the healthy body is the intense love, the pride of dancers. Therefore, the hot dance has become one of the Brazilian cultural icons, enchanting millions of people. If Brazil has Samba, Argentina is famous for its unique Tango dance. When you come to Buenos Aires, stop by a small corner, sip a passionate expresso, and watch dancers follow the music. If you want to study right on the street, they will immediately hold your hand to show you the basic dance steps that are so intoxicating.

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