America with points to million people who love

Not only is the country a powerful economy, the United States also captivates visitors by the world famous monuments and landmarks.


If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, it’s hard to imagine its grandeur. With a length of 445km, driving continuously from the beginning to the end of the basin takes more than three hours. Here the ground cracked, the abyss fell more than 1.5 km. The rock was steep, going far away from the blind head, looking just like giant conical hats that a god could finish. Standing on the edge, you can’t see down there, the huge Colorado river is rolling around the foot of the mountain to the southeast.


Hoover Dam is one of the ideal tourist destinations in Las Vegas that you should visit because for nearly a century, the largest dam in the United States is attached to the historic milestone of Lake Mead and the river. Colorado is well known and cared for by many people. This magnificent dam joins the three states of California and Arizona, Nevada with concrete pillars above 200m high and solid observation decks, taking in the panoramic view of the Colorado River and Lake Mead.


This is a Hollywood tourist destination that attracts the most visitors. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is also known as the more affectionate name, Avenue of Stars – a place to honor the world’s leading names that make a great contribution to the entertainment industry. Thousands of names of famous artists from five fields (film, music, television, drama, radio) will be engraved on pink stone stars, copper fringes on the roadbed.


A neighborhood in Manhattan and nicknamed “The intersection of the world”, Times Square is one of the most famous and bustling places in the world with people like never stopping flowing in a forest of glittering lights. Next to it, the world famous Broadway theater neighborhood, gathering more than 40 majestic stages regularly performs high quality musicals ….


This artificial park is over 340 hectares, is a green oasis in the heart of a concrete city with a skyscraper, New York’s largest green space. In the summer, the New York Symphony Orchestra hosts outdoor performances. From June to August every year, the Summerstage Festival held here attracts many great artists in the world to participate in outdoor performances … Estimated by local authorities, there are about 25 annually. million visitors breathtaking Central Park.

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