12 delicious dishes islanding food lovers at Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Thailand is always a paradise for believers who love to travel and discover diverse and rich cuisine. Coming to Thailand, visitors will enjoy a series of delicious famous street food forgetting the way back. One of them is the Chatuchak market, which is known as the culinary paradise of the land of Golden Temple.


This is a typical street ice cream dish in the land of Golden Temple. A coconut will be split in half, filter all the water and use half the fruit to contain the cream. Sellers often choose the type of coconut, which fits in the palm so it is easy to hold. Inside the coconut will be scraped ready for the client to just go and eat. When a customer buys, the new seller begins to grate, opens the ice cream container and puts the ice cream on the coconut for the guest. Each layer of cream is twisted, stacked, looks very attractive. Finally, they will sprinkle with peanuts and sprinkle condensed milk and chocolate syrup sauce.


Different from the image of a long wheeled ice cream truck across Vietnam, this snack at Chatuchak is sold in special cars, with deep, small holes containing ice cream. When customers buy, the seller pulls the bamboo stick above and the ice cream will appear. You can find all kinds of flavors in this ice cream dish, from mirinda, coke to Thai milk tea.


The common name of doner kebab is barbecue bread. But doner kebab is not the only flavor of barbecue. You will be surprised by the many variations of this doner kebab bread.

Originating from Turkey, doner kebab has spread to many parts of the world. However, at Chatuchak market, there is a Kabab stall that you must try because of its deliciousness.


The garlic bread here is crispy and crispy with freshly fragrant garlic on top and a smooth layer of butter permeable in the bread. They are baked as soon as you call and you even have the option of sweet pastry instead of salt.


Listening to the name makes you crave. The crisp, crispy yellow squid will appeal to you as soon as you taste the first piece. This dish is very simple and you can enjoy it. Squid cut into small pieces, dipped in dough and deep fried.


Baked quail eggs are prepared in a large tray with many small holes like honeycomb. Hot, non-perishable dishes can be found at many stalls in the corner of Chatuchak market.


Thai street food captures young people, including Thai milk tea or Thai tea. Thai milk tea is orange and blue. The distinctive orange tea is made from pink tea with milk. Milk must be powdered milk, condensed milk and whole milk powder to create the greasy taste of milk without losing the characteristic tea flavor. In Thailand, you can catch this refreshing drink anywhere.


In Chatuchak, you can find a Spanish guy selling Paella, roasting rice, dancing to a bustling music. Paella is a special Spanish seafood fried rice with an extremely rich and rich flavor.


The maker will spread a mixture of liquid ice cream to a cold surface, this mixture will coagulate quickly into a layer of foam cream and people use a flat piece to lift this cream, roll it up and put it in the box. You can choose creamy taste, choose topping and syrup with the syrup.


Pad Thai is a brief way of Thai stir-fried noodle soup (can be made with noodles, noodles) of Thailand with a very special flavor with Thai cuisine style. In Thailand Pad Thai is very popular and can be considered as the “national essence” of Thai people.

Pad Thai has a very different flavor from Vietnamese stir-fried vermicelli or fried noodles, its taste is really fascinating: The salty taste of fish sauce, sour sauce of sweet tamarind, sweetness of sugar, shrimp meat, spicy sauce of chili, plus a variety of spices to create a great Thai-style flavor.


According to the seller, the cake is coated with pure rice flour. Having witnessed the scene of putting powder on it is also extremely interesting, especially for the first time when you go to eat this dish.

After that layer of rice flour, people will smash a chicken egg, spread evenly over the face of the cake. Chicken eggs will create more flavor, help the cake taste better. Next, sprinkle with a layer of tomato sauce, chutney and mayonnaise. Depending on your preferences, you can choose whichever sauce, sprinkled with little or lots of sprinkling.


This is also a great dessert to help you cool down when shopping at Chatukchak. This dish is a big pearl, the chopped kernel is chopped.

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